• Business Chat for iOS is Coming: Here’s What You Need to Know

    Sebastian Ferrari
    User Experience Designer
    Blog Business Chat

    Apple is soon launching a new platform for consumers to message businesses directly, right from their iPhone and iPads. They call it Business Chat and it could be a game changer for how commerce is done online. Read More...

  • Corporate Incubators in the Middle Market: Considerations for C-Level Leaders

    Taqee Khaled
    Director of Strategy
    Blog Image 02 1

    In-housing innovation has the advantage of immediate (and actionable) pilot opportunities paired with the potential to scale rapidly. By the same token, it can subtly lead an organization away from core strengths that made it successful in the first place. Read More...

  • [Video] Artificial Intelligence, Mobile and Beyond

    Rohail Kidwai
    Senior Software Engineer
    Blog Hero Webinar Ai 01

    Adding an AI feature to an application will help make it stand out, but in the near future it will likely be crucial to stay competitive. In my recent talk, AI, Mobile and Beyond I take a case study approach and walk through the key components of AI integration within mobile applications. Read More...

  • [Videos] Prioritizing and Executing on Accessibility Standards

    Katy Jones
    Senior Quality Assurance Engineer
    Blog Nerd Therapy Interface V2

    View the recordings of two recent accessibility events at our Chicago office: Nerd Interface: Building Blocks of Quality Accessibility Practices, and Nerd Therapy: Accessibility—Why You Need to Think About All Your Users. Read More...

  • Removing Barriers and Building Trust through Visual Communication

    Amber Tutt
    Portfolio Team Manager
    Blog Visual Communication V3

    Whether you’re managing people, a product, or both, the benefits of introducing visual communication can help you remove barriers and build trust. Read More...

  • Building with Accessibility in Mind from Day One

    Dan Holbrook
    Senior Quality Assurance Engineer
    Blog Integrated Accessibility V2

    With an integrated approach to accessibility, you spend more on up-front testing but end up with fewer issues for developers to fix, and a cleaner product that everyone can use. Read More...

  • Evolution vs Revolution: Embracing Digital Transformation in 2018

    Emily Rinde
    Communications Manager
    Blog Thought Leadership V2

    Done correctly, "digital transformation" shouldn’t be a buzzword at all, but a frame of mind for organizations that want to grow and survive. Read More...

  • Season(s) of Giving

    Blog Giving17 Jan V1

    While community support at The Nerdery tends to ramp up during the traditional holiday season, the season for giving is a long one, with no real off season. Read More...

  • Toys for Tots; Blue for Bucklin

    Emily Rinde
    Communications Manager
    Blog Toys For Tots 2016

    Our annual Toys for Tots drive is in enduring memory of The Nerdery’s founding President Luke Bucklin and his three sons, Nick, Nate and Noah. Read More...

  • The Future of Digital Marketing: Video Insights with RevLocal

    Emily Rinde
    Communications Manager
    Blog Rev Local V1

    Our friends at RevLocal stopped by to share a few thoughts on the changing face of marketing and how businesses need to adapt to succeed. Read More...

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