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  • Keep Your Agile Really Agile With These Best Practices

    Roneesh Vashisht
    Front-End Senior Software Engineer
    Blog Agile V1 1

    Whether you’re making web apps, cutting-edge VR or mobile experiences, managing their development with Agile is a smart move. But Agile isn’t something to set and forget. Read More...

  • Adapting to iPhone X: The Notch, Missing Home Button and More

    Jon Rexeisen
    Principal Software Engineer (iOS)
    Blog Iphone X V2

    The iPhone X ushers in the next era of screen size that will affect how we approach software. The trademark notch, lack of home button and rounded corners are the main factors that need to be considered when designing for the iPhone X. Read More...

  • How We Built a Better Shuffleboard

    Ben Liset
    Software Engineer
    Blog Shuffleboard V1

    We created board.shuffle() as a way to incorporate motion-sensing technology with our competitive nature. With a Kinect camera for motion tracking and a touch screen for player input, Nerds and our guests can play shuffleboard without thinking about scorekeeping. Read More...

  • Reimagining Exhibit Guides Using Progressive Web App Technology

    Jason Kinney
    Senior Software Engineer
    Blog Nerd Tour V1

    Progressive web apps use modern web capabilities to deliver an app-like user experience without the need for an app store. They power app-like experiences capable of working offline, sending push notifications and more. Read More...

  • What to Know About iOS 11

    Jon Rexeisen
    Principal Software Engineer (iOS)
    Blog Mobile I Os11 Jon V1 0

    Apple is set to ship a new version of its operating system in the coming weeks. Here's what you need to know to prepare. Read More...

  • The Difference Between UX and UI and Why Both Matter

    Chris Klimek
    Senior User Experience Designer
    Blog Ux And Ui V1

    With so many buzzwords and acronyms describing everything tech-related these days, it’s easy to see why terms like user experience and user interface are interchanged and misunderstood. Read More...

  • Virtual Block Stacking: Creating and Interacting with Holograms

    Id Raja
    Software Engineer
    Blog Holo Tower V1

    The inspiration for HoloTower, a Nerd-created block-stacking innovation, came from exploring the basic capabilities of Microsoft HoloLens. The HoloLens allows a user to see, hear and interact with holograms within a natural environment such as a living room or office space. Read More...

  • Accessibility and Empathy: Creating the Best Digital Experience for Disabled Users

    John Thompson
    User Experience Designer
    Blog Accessibility And Empathy V1

    There’s a lot to know about creating accessible websites and apps for people with disabilities. The first step should be understanding the spectrum of ability and gaining empathy for disabled users. Read More...

  • Our UX Lab is Evolving Into a Research and Development Center

    Dan Schmitz
    User Experience Designer
    Blog Ux Lab V1

    Since its inception, our User Experience Lab has evolved into an R&D hub that facilitates education and early-stage prototyping. Read More...

  • Meet Chicago: Creating Interactive Employee Portraits

    Jim Butts
    Principal Software Engineer
    Blog Nerdfinder V1

    Prominently and permanently displayed by the main entrance, our interactive Nerd Wall encourages employees and guests to learn the faces behind the names in our office. Read More...

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